Honolulu Printmakers operates a fully outfitted community-access printmaking studio with facilities for intaglio, relief, lithography, and screenprinting. Users of the studio are expected to be self-sufficient and competent in their area(s) of interest.

Those members at the STUDIO level and above who wish to work in open studio pay studio fees as they work (fee schedule listed below). The studio fee covers basic inks, chemicals, and press time. Users need to supply their own plates, blocks, paper, etc. There is no storage on site, except for PROFESSIONAL members. There is a limited inventory of papers for sale on site by the Museum School. Studio fees should be paid in person, in the studio, when you intend to begin working.

Our studio is located at 1111 Victoria Street Honolulu,  Hawaii 96814, inside of the Honolulu Museum of Art School.

Please contact us at 808-536-5507, by email, or via the contact form if you have any questions you may have about open studio.

Check our facebook, instagram, or twitter for announcements and updates on studio closures or schedule changes.

Studio Fees






Hours (effective 8/23/17)

Monday: 9-5

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday: 1-9

Thursday: 9-9

Friday: 9-5

Saturday: 1-5

Sunday: 9-9