sound()print is a series of programming that revolves around symbioses of sound and print and seeks to position print culture as a vehicle for intermedia exchange and collaboration. sound()print asks the question: what lies in the spaces between sound and print? sound()print considers such dialectical pairings as: musicians and sound artists who make prints; printmakers who make sound; prints made in response to music or sound; print cultures surrounding music (e.g. music packaging and ephemera); the noise made by printmakers and their technologies; and parallels between recording and printing. The goal of sound()print is to create and model the conditions that catalyze intermedia thinking and action in the spaces between and around print and sound culture; as well as to provide a scaffold for community building, content creation, and critical discourse. The project aligns with the central mission of the Honolulu Printmakers to promote and provide access points to print culture in Hawaii through innovative education and outreach.

All sound()print programming is held in the Honolulu Printmakers studio unless otherwise noted.

sound()print is supported by a generous grant from the Laila Art Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation; as well as with crucial help from community partners like the Honolulu Museum of Art, Aloha Got Soul, Hawaii Public Radio, and Treehouse

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