Why Provide Print Documentation?

Honolulu Printmakers Treasurer and member Paul Weissman explains:

"We of the Honolulu Printmakers have a mission to promote printmaking in all its forms to the public. As an artist, I also have the desire to have my work understood. We all put a lot of work into our prints. Unless we happen to be present and asked, the viewer has only a label with a name, title, and general all-encompassing media categorizations to go by. Nothing about the choices of inks, colors or paper, whether we used stone/copper/zinc or plexi plates, the multitude of processes, or an explanation of what drove the creation of this particular image. The print documentation form gives us an opportunity to enrich the viewer who wants to know more as to the complexities of what is a print, while enriching the viewer’s understanding and appreciation for our particular print and process. Seems like a win-win for all of us - viewer, artist, and Honolulu Printmakers."

download a fillable PDF for your print documentation here

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