Deselect the Preset!

Honolulu Printmakers  invites all artists to enter deselect the preset, an open exhibition of work generated through the technology of the photocopier. Any paper is fine; black or color toner -- your choice! But the work must have come out of a photocopier!

Anyone may enter up to 3 pieces in the letterlegal or tabloid formats for a flat $5 fee. Work should be delivered to Honolulu Printmakers on or before October 2, 2015. (update 9/18) Work should not be framed. Work should come out of a photocopy machine. Off-island entries may be mailed or faxed. Work is subject to "light" curation by our resident photocopy veteran Dieter Runge, who will also be exhibiting a selection of his vintage 70's punk rock fliers.

The show will run from October 6 - 31, 2015 at the Mezzanine Gallery in the Honolulu Museum of Art School. A closing reception will be held on Tuesday, October 27, from 5:30-7:30. At that point a limited-edition photocopied catalogue of all the work will be released.

download entry form here

2015 Annual Exhibition

The Honolulu Printmakers Annual Juried Exhibition was held from Thursday, February 26 to Friday, March 20 at the Honolulu Museum of Art School. This year's juror, Sonnenzimmer, has produced a limited edition screenprinted poster for the exhibition. The poster is still available for purchase online!

Please click here if you'd like to purchase.

Thanksgiving and beyond...

With 2013 racing to an end its a good time to stop and consider all the wonderful things that surround us. Good friends. Great prints. And yes, sweet vintage vans festooned with the Honolulu Printmakers logo. I’m just recovering from an event called Stitch N’ Print II, which happened yesterday somewhere in Kakaako. Some of you witnessed it, but for those who did not, a group of amazing volunteers set up a temporary sewing and screenprinting studio to hand-make free tote bags for anyone who wanted one. Scores of bags were sewn, printed, and sent home, but more importantly, many new people were introduced to our organization and what we do. As is usual when we do printmaking activities in public, people just can’t get enough of it. Sometimes as printmakers we take what we do for granted, but when folks who are not immersed in it see it they are really blown away and inspired. Below is volunteer Michael Javalde working with some new fans of printmaking:

Hopefully everyone knows about the upcoming Impressions Print Sale by now, but if not, it is on November 29, 30,  & Dec 1, the friday, saturday, and sunday after Thanksgiving, 10-4 daily. The location is our studio at the Honolulu Museum of Art School (aka Linekona) at 1111 Victoria St. There will be tons of amazing prints and printed objects for sale by print artists from around the state, so don’t miss out. 

I also want to mention a new project debuting at Impressions this year: the Director’s Portfolio. This is a limited edition portfolio containing prints by four emerging local printmakers whose work has impressed me. Only 20 sets are available, and for the very reasonable price of $100 you can collect the work of some important up-and-comers while supporting the overall mission of Honolulu Printmakers. The artists involved are Drew Broderick, Ualani Davis, Marika Emi, and AJ Feducia, and I’m very excited about introducing you to the work they have produced for us. You can learn more by listening to this radio piece by Noe Tanigawa where she talks with some of the artists involved.

On the horizon we are looking forward to our annual juried exhibition in 2014, with juror Liz Chalfin bringing us her take on the latest in non-toxic printmaking, and a Gift Print from Margaret Barnaby that is already selling briskly. 

As always I urge you to get involved, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas you have about how we can promote the art of printmaking far and wide.  


Printmaking Resources...

Just thought I’d take moment to remind everyone about some of the resources that are available to members of the Honolulu Printmakers…

Not only do members get access to a studio fully equipped for intaglio, relief, screenprinting, and lithography, they also have the privilege of borrowing from our lending collection, which holds a respectable selection of books on printmaking, from the instructional to the historical. Some well-worn key volumes for me are pictured above.

We also have current subscriptions to and back issues of several printmaking periodicals from around the world, including the relative newcomer Art in Print. 

All of these are available for 1-week loan to members only. You can also borrow various  tools for relief and intaglio,  and even framing tools like a mat cutter and framemaster.

Fall News


A few quick bits of news for the Honolulu Printmakers community…

The Honolulu Printmakers had a busy summer. It was gratifying to see the studio so well used by new and returning members, and HMAS class students as well. We continued our outreach activities through various printmaking demonstrations and mini-workshops held at The Honolulu Museum of Art School and at Treehouse.  And we’re gearing up for an even busier fall season, so stay tuned for announcements of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Which reminds me, throughout all of our activities volunteers are the the crucial element that makes everything happen, and though they are too numerous to list here, I want to collectively thank all who continue to help in myriad ways. I also want to encourage anyone who is interested in getting more involved to contact me directly.

Some items of interest:

  • Don’t forget that we have a new fee structure for membership and studio use. I sent out detailed information on this via email, but if you have any questions please contact me. The feedback I’ve gotten has been overwhelmingly positive, but I have heard some concerns raised about affordability. Please be assured that I am very sensitive to making sure everyone who wants to participate in Honolulu Printmakers is able to. Contact me with your concerns.
  • Our benefit print sale, Impressions, is coming up on Thanksgiving weekend. Start gathering your stuff together and keep a lookout for instructions on how to participate.
  • I hope everyone knows about Laura Smith’s opening at Ektopia this sunday, 9/22 from 4-6pm.

Finally, I want to introduce a new feature in the studio:



This is our new ferric chloride vertical etching tank, used for etching copper plates (the second photo shows a plate suspended in the mordant by a masking tape tail.). We are partnering with the HMAS printmaking department to promote the use of this safer etching system in our studio. While not non-toxic, the use of ferric chloride for etching copper replaces other etching systems with significant health and safety issues, and is something of an “industry standard” in print studios around the world today. We will still support limited use of other metals, but copper/ferric chloride is our preferred system for etching now.

Some of you may have used this system before, but for many it will be new. I can provide training to anyone interested in learning, as can certain studio monitors. Please contact me if you’d like to arrange a time to do this. I will also post a detailed blog entry about etching copper soon. A second tank will be added in the next few weeks to expand our capacity.

That’s it for now. Keep printing!


1948 Gift Print artist's descendants visit the Honolulu Printmakers


Last week the grandson of 1948 Gift Print artist Donald Hardman stopped by the Honolulu Printmakers with his family to say hello. Aaron Austin, wife Becky, and sons Alec and Glenn, who live in Japan, were here on vacation, but also to find out more about Hardman, whom Aaron never met.  Fortunately I was able to find Hardman’s exquisite drypoint Last Light still residing in our archives (many Gift Prints from that era are gone), and the family was excited to be able to spend some time with something they had previously only seen reproduced online.  Coincidentally, HMAS intaglio instructor AJ Feducia was teaching in the studio during their visit, and the family was invited to drop in and watch how an intaglio print was made.  The family seemed quite moved by the whole visit, and I sent them on their way with some complimentary 75th Anniversary Gift Print catalogs. Aaron, who studied art in college, told me when he was leaving that he was very inspired and had resolved to seek out educational opportunities in printmaking in Japan.

This is a gratifying example of the value of our organization’s history and longevity, and how those can facilitate our mission of promoting printmaking and growing sustainable creative communities.

(p.s. The Austins inquired about the possibility of purchasing an impression of Donald Hardman’s Gift Print. The Honolulu Printmakers only has its own archived impression. Should anyone know of one that is available, please contact the executive director.)

Honolulu Printmakers at R&D...


On Thursday, June 20th the Honolulu Printmakers took over the sidewalk in front of R&D in Kaka’aka to conduct a pre-film letterpress printing demo. The film showing that night was Linotype, a documentary about the typecasting technology of the same name. We thought it would be a nice complement to the film to have an activity that familiarizes folks with letterpress printing.

The set-up was pretty basic— a Vandercook No. 0 proof press, a whole mess of random wooden type, some magnets to hold the type in place, and some ink and paper to complete the deal. Best practices (proper lock-up, careful inking, etc) take a back seat when you’re doing quick and dirty sidewalk printing. People are naturally drawn to wood type and we soon had a line of eager participants.

The Honolulu Printmakers is working towards inclusion of letterpress printing capabilities in its studio, but we’re short on space at the moment. In the meantime maybe we can explore letterpress in some more temporary circumstances…

Thanks to Sean Shodahl of Interisland Terminal/R&D for inviting us in, and of course Honolulu Printmakers volunteers Hans Loffel, Darren Zane, Noah Matteucci, Kyle Jablonski, and Jeremy Pang.








Honolulu Printmakers at Treehouse...


On Saturday, June 15 the Honolulu Printmakers presented a youth printmaking activity at Treehouse, a creative arts shop in Kaka’ako. HP members Jeremy Pang, Kelsey Hughes, and Janice Vitarelli Miyoshi led the food-themed workshop for 10 very engaged kids, who were able to try their hands at making relief prints from pre-cut blocks on a real printing press. By all accounts, and based on the prints I saw, this was a very rewarding and successful saturday morning!

Many thanks to Treehouse owner Bobby Asato for inviting us in. Please consider checking out and supporting his very cool shop. Also, Bobby made a very generous donation to Honolulu Printmakers of the proceeds from the workshop, which will be used to support one of our journal subscriptions. And again many thanks to the volunteers who made this happen, including Paul Weissman who helped cut blocks.

All HP members and friends are encouraged to get involved in our outreach activities. This is how we build and sustain creative communities. Contact me ( with ideas or if you want to help out.