"Postcard" Helena Noordhoff


"Postcard" Helena Noordhoff

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11" x 14"

Artist statement:
I have a love-hate relationship with the premise of being popular or well received through internet platforms-- most certainly, I am a consumer; however, I question the authenticity of how we portray ourselves and interpret others through social media. Does having "followers" and thus, popularity, solidify our identities?

Social media provides us with a simulacrum of information about the world, and especially each other, allowing us to make flash decisions often based on fabricated realities. While the internet makes things instantly accessible and offers us immediate gratification, which acts as a prevalent "screen" that enables us to avoid developing the courage to meet and form relationships with people in person.

Furthermore, I believe meeting people and coming to know them intimately is one of the most remarkable and beautiful potentials in the human experience. People aren't disposable.

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