"Night Illuminations 6" Marcia Pasqua

Night Illusions #6, M Pasqua IMG_3932 - Marcia Pasqua.jpeg
Night Illusions #6, M Pasqua IMG_3932 - Marcia Pasqua.jpeg
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"Night Illuminations 6" Marcia Pasqua


24" x 10"

Artist statement:
In my current body of work, geometric shapes and transparent colors are repeated and overlapped to create patterns and designs. My process involves the use of stenciling and transparent inks on a Plexi-glass plate.

I approach this art making with a sense of exploration. Without a preconceived vision of the final work, I plan the initial layout of shapes and colors, ink the plate, and send it through the press. The resulting colors, textures, and values are usually unexpected. I respond to the results to plan the next step. This approach is continued throughout until completion. Some artworks have gone through the press dozens of times.

I strive to give the viewer a contemplative experience, a space and time to respond to art in a personal way.

All work must be picked up at the UH Manoa Art Gallery on Sunday, February 17, from 10 am to 1 pm. If you require shipping please inquire at duncan@honoluluprintmakers.org for a shipping quote.

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