"Hearth" Taylor Johnson

hearth_72ppi_2 - Taylor Johnson-Edit.jpg
hearth_72ppi_2 - Taylor Johnson-Edit.jpg

"Hearth" Taylor Johnson


Drawn lithography, hand-cut chine colle
8" x 10"

Artist statement:
Nostalgia can give one a sense of assurance in accurately recalling their memories. Yet, with each recollection, the original memory becomes gradually altered - similar to artifacting in digital images. I'm interested in intersections between this breaking down of memory and dwellings that are being reclaimed by nature. These domestic spaces can often be a deep source of nostalgia, housing memories of childhood, relationships, and a place of comfort.

I also draw from images of dead animals for the same reason. Many of these appear to be in a state of unrest, in a way that feels very human and relatable at times. As with memories, it may be difficult to return to these spaces and encounters in the same condition.

All of my prints are from images that I drew on litho stones, printed on Japanese paper, and pasted/layered with other papers to achieve the varying tones. Oftentimes this includes hand-cutting the individual branches before running the multiple papers through the press again, to be mounted on a heavier printmaking paper.

All work must be picked up at the UH Manoa Art Gallery on Sunday, February 17, from 10 am to 1 pm. If you require shipping please inquire at duncan@honoluluprintmakers.org for a shipping quote.

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