"Containment Landscape #23- Mana Road" Margo Ray

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CL_23_Margo_Ray - Margo Ray.jpg

"Containment Landscape #23- Mana Road" Margo Ray

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Mana Road intaglio print with inkjet print chine colle
14" x 14"

Artist statement:
In my work I have established an iconic language inspired by the rural Hawaiian landscape, where the 'wild west' of American myth is here pushed to the edge of westward expansion. Utilizing collage, print media, installation and animation, this iconography populates surreal geographies of beauty, color and line in an ongoing personal narrative of an intruder in a secret garden. Using the allegory of landscape, I explore notions of displacement, vulnerability and authenticity as well as my relationship to natural and super natural worlds; drawing attention to the complicated triangulation of relationships between man, land, and animal and notions of freedom, invasiveness and belonging.

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